London’s status as one of the world’s great cultural capitals is undoubted – one need only look at its influence in terms of art, music, fashion, and culture. It’s always at the forefront of everything that is to be considered “hip” – and music is no exception.

This is precisely the reason why, as the year closes, we’ve decided to bring to you five of the city’s most exciting and up and coming musical acts to look out for in the coming years. After all, we all need to refresh our Spotify playlists with new stuff every now and then, right? Check these musical acts and jams out – you’ll definitely thank us later.

Listening to these new heavy jamz would require a proper soundsystem, or at least a pair of good-sounding speakers or headphones that are best for deep bass sounds. You can’t still be listening to music on those crappy, tinny, built-in speakers in 2017, can you? Start the new year right with a fresh pair of surround sound!

Now that we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the matter: we proudly bring to you five of some of the finest musical acts London has produced in 2016, in no particular order, curated with their best music – continuing the great tradition of cultural hipness London is very well known for.

1. Zibra, “Goodbye Mondays”

This synth-based pop group first made waves when their abovementioned song made it to everybody’s favorite game: FIFA ’16. Their tasteful use of 80s synths mixed coupled with the group’s knack for earworms will poise them towards future stardom – they’ve already gotten a great headstart as it is.

2. Flyte, “Light Me Up”

Music doesn’t have to be complicated to be good – and Flyte encapsulates that spirit in their easily accessible, radio-friendly pop music. Solid musicianship, ear for melody, and clean-cut images….will definitely be a winning formulation for this group.

3. Inheaven, “Treats”

If you were a fan of the whole shoegaze movement, then Inheaven will have you in for a treat – and it starts with “Treats”. Walls of layered guitars, frantic and pounding drums, and raw, riot grrl female vocals will pound you into submission as they bring you an updated shoegaze sound. Definitely an act to look out for in the coming years.

4. The Big Moon, “Formidable”

The Big MoonThe Big Moon’s uncomplicated musical stylings and Beatle-esque harmonies will inevitably draw comparisons to the world’s greatest rock band ever (albeit from Merseyside), but there is enough modern flair and hipness this group exudes to ensure that they will be mainstays on the Pitchfork Music Festival circuits, if not music media darlings.

5. Childhood, “Blue Velvet”

And last, but definitely not the least, is this rock quartet that will bring you echoes of the Stone Roses and Primal Scream’s best work, and their reputation precedes them from the many singles that led them to become one of the most highly-touted acts that London has to offer.