Psychedelic Trance MusicPsychedelic trance music or Psytrance, as it is termed generally is a sub-genre of trance music that involves musical arrangements of artificial beats and layered tunes formed by high tempo riffs. The cultural origin of psytrance music stays with the hippies in Goa, India during the late 1990s and quickly it gained huge popularity worldwide and became a mainstream form of music. Psy trance music is distinguished from other sub-genres of music by its unique style and rhythm. The tempo is usually faster than the others forms of trance music. Different layering or musical ideas are introduced at regular intervals over a continuous bass line. The songs are usually 6 to 10 minutes long and present a lot of variation in a single track.

We’ll give you a full rundown on what psytrance is – so that we can all understand why it’s continuously enjoyed a devoted following afrom London to the beaches of Goa.

The Classifications And Subgenres Of Psytrance

There have been so many adaptations and experimentations done over this particular style of music but the main styles can be distinguished and are discussed below.

1. Full-On

Hugely popular in Israel, this form of psychedelic trance is full of energy and is specially meant to play at peak moments.

2. Progressive Trance

Progressive psytrance is one of the popular choices among the DJ playlist and party themes. Astrix and Protonica are two popular artists who follow this music genre.

3. Suomisaundi

This form of psytrance follows a typical Finnish style and otherwise has no limits or bindings.

4. Darkpsy

Dark psytrance is the heavier rendition of the regular psychedelic music. This form depicts a darker and deeper style leading to the thoughtful reflection of death, darkness and spiritual awakening. Ignore the noises that sound as though you were hearing from the bottom of the sink, like the ones on Down the Sink; those are just the dark flourishes that make this subgenre so cool.

Psytrance In The Festival Circuit

There are millions of music lovers and followers spread across the Asian, African, European and American continents who have loved the psychedelic trance music over the years. Several psytrance music festivals are held in different parts of the world all year round and hundreds of musicians take part in these festivals to present their form of psychedelic trance.

Exploring The World Of Psytrance Music

If you are an ardent music lover and love to explore different forms of world music then you must try psytrance in various video channels or streaming services online. There are so many great psytrance acts out there that deserve to be heard, and good place to start would be Steve Hillage’s (of Gong fame) System 777, or Infected Mushroom, who both have made some of the best psytrance out there; Michele Adamson is a DJ who is also revered in the psychedelic trance scene, and would be a great introduction to the psytrance genre. There’s plenty more out there – you’re barely scratching the surface, and doing yourself a disservice if you are a fan of electronic music and not explore the genre further than wading into it.