music in londonLondon has long been a destination for good music – in particular, but absolutely not limited to, electronic music. Some of the world’s most renowned DJs have come from this world capital, and represent the diverse cultural influences that are inherent in living in such a large, cosmopolitan city.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has followed the electronic music scene that some of the finest exponents of electronic music, regardless of what subgenre it is or it claims to be, come from London. They routinely tour clubs all over the world, maybe even in YOUR backyard, especially if you are into the music, but they will always call London home.

With that out of the way, we proudly bring to you 5 of London’s hottest DJs right now – but don’t let them take away from the constantly appearing new faces on the scene that are just as worthy of praise as these guys are!

1. Brianna Price

Canada-born Brianna Price is literally and figuratively one of the hottest female DJs that are based in London – whose fame has traversed towards production and presentation on the Beeb itself. Her high energy personality is an extension of her DJ set, which encompasses an ecletic mix of drum and bass, jungle beats, garage, and electronic dance music, even going so far as to introduce elements of trip hop and world music to her usual fare. Not just that, she has also hit the charts with her song “Fever”, which went on heavy rotation in clubs everywhere. Truly a star to follow!

2. Charlotte Devaney

Charlotte Devaney is a popular fixture among UK nightclubs, and has appeared on media, especially in fashion and glossies. Her brand of dirty electro bass goodness brings out the wildness in partygoers, and is often out of town on club tours overseas. Not surprisingly many have copped her dirty take on electronic dance music to successful effect.

3. Bas Ibellini

London-born and bred Bas Ibellini, on the other hand, has made a name for himself through some of his recent releases – the Wide Soul EP, as well as the Come Up EP. His brand of nu-disco interspersed with house and funk elements is a delight to hear in clubs, and he could sure remix any song into a bonafide banger! Oh and yes, his music is a lot like his persona and his appearance – professional, cosmopolitan, and representative of London’s rich scene – plus that rad mustache and goatee is just cool af – definitely something us clubgoers could shape our facial hair into (using shavers for sensitive skin of course!).

4. Sam Divine

Bristol-based London transplant Sam Divine is one of the most recognizable female DJs on the map today – catch her whenever you can, because she’s almost always in another city every week. And no one throws a party like Sam Divine – just ask any of your friends who’s been to a Sam Divine shindig. She is definitely a leading light in the new breed of EDM DJ’s, so be sure to check her music out!

And that’s just a sampler! If you think that London has only these stars working on the club scene, you haven’t seen anything yet – just head on to any night club in London and see the banging scene for yourself with some of the freshest DJs in the world. See, hear, and feel for yourself.